How Stonedpipes Became a Crypto Millionaire

Arjay, a famous crypto millionaire, and Youtuber just had a long conversation with a crypto millionaire Stonedpipes who is always active on Twitter with 20.8k followers. If you guys aren’t on Twitter then chances are you don’t know much about him are big but if you are on Twitter then the vast majority of you absolutely have heard of Stonedpipes.

Q. What’s going on brother, what’s up brother?

Happy to be here, thanks for having me?

Q. For sure so like I said a lot of people, Stonedpipes and I got together to kind of collaborate together here because he has noticed that a lot of people ask him the same questions over and over. So first and foremost, a lot of people want to know, what is your favorite strain of green man? It is Indica or Sativa?

Oh man, it mostly depends on the occasion, if it’s daytime or nighttime but I’m also a Sativa. It keeps me focused, it keeps me moving, and it always wanted me to do something rather than smoke Indica. Then you know I’m gone for the rest of the day I’m just going to sleep.

Q. I hear you, very cool. Everyone’s always seen your tweets where you’re like I just woke up and packed the bowl smoking it up ready to go right so everyone’s always wondering about it. The other question is how much did you actually start off with at the beginning? So from the beginning to where you’re at today.

Alright! I got into crypto back in 2017 when the bull run started, investing all the way from 2018 till now, um, it was a hard run in the beginning because back in 2018, that’s kind of the start of the bear market and I was investing maybe whatever I could find of what I got paid. It wasn’t a whole sum. Maybe $20, $50, or $100. Every two weeks once in a while I put in a couple of thousand U.S dollars. But you know as the bear market went the prices just kept tanking and tanking.

Q. So you’re saying you pretty much were dollar-cost averaging in as everything was tanking?

Yeah exactly. That’s pretty much the start of it so I did that for about four or five years I guess. We are now okay so pretty much and that’s good.

Q. That’s actually good to know right? So a lot of people get frustrated because a lot of them did buy at the top of the market just like you did right but as a market continued bearish move where we’re kind of at right now right? Would you agree we’re kind of at a bear market?

Yeah, I agree. I mean almost everything’s down across the board. I mean we’re waiting. I’m hoping there’s at least one last run-up. But it seems like we’re entering that point of the bear market all over again.

Q. That is interesting and I really like hearing that. I’m sure a lot of people actually like hearing that because newer investors are at the very bottom like you. So when they hear that you bought an initially at the top of the market by just putting in what you can from every paycheck; whether $50 or $60. There you just continue to put in what you can earn. I think real wealth and millionaires are born in bear markets where everything is on sale. I know a lot of people always say buy the dip. I’ve quoted Buffett for a while now where I say Buffett says to be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful. When there’s a bear market there’s a lot of fear going on right? People are scared, they don’t know what to do but that’s the time to really continue to add dollars into your position and when the inevitable bull market goes and kicks in. Now you’re riding all those waves up, right?

Exactly, that’s what I’m doing currently at the moment. I mean I know a lot of these node projects are down but what I’m focusing more is mostly on developments and what I think is going to last a long time. I look at the white paper of course. I look at the tokenomics, the team, the discord. I check out the community. See if they’re really active when it comes to investing in a new project.

Q. I love it and appreciate that. So the next question; how long have you been in crypto? So you said you’ve been in crypto since 2017, right?

Yeah, right! At the end of December.

Q. Did you actually start with Defi or were you buying blue-chip cryptos?

At that time I was buying XRP, BTC, HBAR, QNT

Q. When did you find Defi? We got Bitcoin and then all of a sudden you got Defi, right?

It’s kind of a funny story. I kept telling my girlfriend, I was like, oh you know, don’t worry! You know the price of this coin is about to shoot up to this price. This time frame is due to this, due to that and I don’t know how many times I told her. It doesn’t matter if you know which crypto I’m talking about. But every single time I would be like, oh don’t worry, you know by next month you know we’re gonna at least two times our money, three times the money and you know after me always having to repeat that. She’s like look you know you’ve been telling me the same thing for like the past three-four years like it’s not gonna happen. She said, “You know they’re telling you this but you know I don’t see any the difference, it only goes up like two cents.” When she showed me that I was like damn I have been saying that for like quite a while. Then I was looking up one night, I was looking at projects trying to see what I could find, and then I found out strong block like around June of last year. That’s when pretty much everything changed for me.

Q. Are you still working or fully retired into crypto?

Full-time crypto man after working like three-four years for a company and having a deal with a team of 10 people. You know being a lead or supervisor. Any lead role is kind of like babysitting. I’m just so glad I’m just not working there anymore.

Q. So you are fully retired?

Yeah, I’m full-on crypto now.

Q. Very cool! When did you retire actually?

Around November of last year.

Q. Wow, it’s crazy because I retired in September. So I was working in a corporate since I was 19. Man, every single time I was always looking, We’re meant to do more honestly than work nine-to-five for the rest of our lives. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. For entrepreneurs and critical-minded thinkers, I questioned every single day as I got more and more into corporate. Life is too short.

Q. What’s the best thing you’ve done for your family and loved ones since you started earning the big bucks?

Well, since I started making a good amount I retired myself and my girlfriend. I actually told my parents that if they retired I would kind of help them. But I mean my parents are just always wanting to work. They never want to be at the house surprisingly. They turned it down because they probably didn’t believe me. Even now I tell them, “if you want I could buy you guys a car”.  But they don’t believe I’m making this much.

Q. Trying to teach our parents Defi is just too much work, right? Let’s be honest, they can get rugged, they can get scammed, they can get targeted, they can get hacked. It’s easier for us to pretty much take care of it and just give them the money. Have you considered building them their own crypto portfolio?

I actually have six wallets. That’s another thing. People sometimes ask me about security. I have four laptops, and three phones that are specifically just for one project which makes it a lot easier too. So you’re not trying to claim and cash out every single day. I try to make a list where every single week I catch out on one project or two projects. It all depends. I have thought about making them but to be honest, my parents barely know how to use email at the moment. I don’t know if I’m just gonna make it worse. I’m just gonna really confuse them.

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Bottom Line

Warren Buffet’s stock investing strategy is indeed compatible with crypto millionaires’ tactics in making a crazy amount of wealth just in four or five years. Nowadays stocks move slower than cryptos. This means that investing in crypto may allow you to retire young and rich in less than a decade.

Source: 0xArjay via YT