How to Beat Nadaig Vedemen in Greedfall, Aged Hermit is Not Happy

After asking a couple questions from aged Hermit the main hero heads to Swamp Sanctuary for making some rituals. But after that three beasts which are called Unbalanced attack the heroes by biting with their sharp teeth. Overcoming them is not easy; pistol and magic can help a bit, you need to repeat your attacks till they die. Again the rituals on the sanctuary must be made. However, then four horns come out of the mud. There you go, the crazy monster starts attacking you by roots on the head mostly.

How to Kill Nadaig Vedemen who was a Woman of Aged Hermit

The creature has long hands that may hurt you seriously. So, stay far away from her by shooting and sending magic from your hands. Your friends will be tiered of attacking the strong monster. Now you are on your own with several tactics that may provide you a victory.

Sidewalk: try to run around that sanctuary to avoid his long hands hit you.

Magic: use your magic by shooting black floating spells

Pistol: shoot till your gun runs out of bullets

Poison: the monster sprays a gas which can decrease your life. Run from the gas quickly.

Ax: short attacking is effective with the ax

Sword: just like the ax, cutting the monster brings so much joy.

Fallen position: the creature gets a rest when falls down. That moment is a chance to harm her seriously.

If you manage to kill the beast the aged Hermit with grief will say bad words to your team – do not pay attention as the next creature is so scary as Nadaig Vedemen. I think the aged Hermit participates in conspiracy with evil creatures that do not want foreigners who come for conquering the territory.