How to Beat Swarmak in Gears 5, Shooting Gigantic Monster is Clever

At a celestial theater Delta group finds out the war is breaking out dramatically. Two combatants bring a creature with machine guns which are able to rip anyone off unless they hide behind columns. Theater’s wall is not a problem for Swarmak who has massive footsteps causing an earthquake. The squad has an exciting objective – kill that giant with red blisters which can be a clear target for a quick victory. Swarmak is an actually clever boss who has a brain that can attack with fire exchange. Other monsters seem natural fighters with a primitive style of offensive tactics.

Gears 5: How to Kill Swarmak at Theater

The monster makes the first impression by destroying the wall. Then his machine guns start sending massive bullets to your Delta squad. Very good chance comes from his open fleshes which located mostly on his lower body part. You can’t easily aim the blisters – he knows, therefore shoots like crazy. Try to approach him closely by hiding behind the columns. Remember, he sends explosives that can harm you drastically. Stay down so you don’t get his instant bullets into your head.

In campaign mode, your friends – AI doesn’t help you and you should always think you are on your own. Of course, aiming the blisters gives him devastating harm. Shoot precisely with fully loaded rifles. Overkill gun shall be a nightmare to Swarmak. But it has limited ammo so precisely aiming the enemy should grant you a victory.

Crazy team member with a name Cole has a fantastic idea that can rip the head of Swarmak who stopped the team exiting the theater. Cole could hold his promise that he will be right back. A heavy motorcycle with explosives actually kills Swarmak. “Whoo! It’s dinner time…” – Cole says before beating that disturbing animal.