How To Enable AMD FreeSync & Nvidia G-Sync 75 Hz, 144 Hz On Acer Nitro VG271U, VG270UP, VG270P, VG240Y & LG 24MP48HQ, 23MP68VQ-P, 24MK600M Monitors

If you own a gaming monitor you must be having adaptive sync technology powered by FreeSync or G-Sync technologies assisting your gaming graphics card. Both technologies are very beneficial for your gaming experience that prevent screen tearing and stuttering in competitive game titles.

FreeSync branding belongs to AMD and it’s very commonly used in loads of monitor models. However, 28 chosen FreeSync monitor models are also Nvidia branded G-Sync compatible. Majority of G-Sync monitors come with Nvidia’s proprietary processor and AMD’s FreeSync enhanced monitors do not possess any processing chip but they receive certification once passed the gaming test. Since new gamers are not informed to switch their FreeSync or G-Sync monitor capabilities then this tutorial is the great start for smooth gaming.

Here in this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn how to enable FreeSync & G-Sync on Acer & LG gaming monitors that currently certified to be eligible in preventing screen tearing or stuttering while you enjoy gaming immersion. This method will work on following models: Acer Nitro VG271U, VG270UP, VG270P, VG240Y and LG 24MP48HQ, 23MP68VQ-P, 24MK600M.

1. Turning On FreeSync on Acer Monitors’ Menu

First Sep: Press the lowest joystick button in the middle

Second Step: Once you see the menu option click on middle of joystick button again

Step Three: Select Gaming Option

Step Four: Toggle the arrows to enable FreeSync Mode and quit by pressing X

2. Turning On FreeSync On LG Monitors’ Menu

Step One: Find the navigation joystick beneath the LG logo and click in the middle

Step Two: Go to Picture Option

Step Three: Select Picture Adjust option and enter it

Step Four: Enable FreeSync by choosing On button and quit by repeatedly clicking left on joystick

3. How to enable FreeSync on Windows 10 & Radeon Settings
Step One: Right Click on the mouse and click on Radeon Settings

Step Two: On Radeon Settings above menu click on Display

Step Three: Enable Radeon FreeSync by toggling the slide button

Step Four: Righ Click on mouse in the desktop space and select Display Settings

Step Five: Open Advanced Display Settings in the second lowest option

Step Six: Click on Display Adapter Properties for Display 1

Step Seven: Go to Monitor Tab

Step Eight: Under the monitor settings change the screen refresh rate into 75 Hertz within the drop down menu

Step Nine: Click Apply and Ok

Step ten: Result must be 75 Hz in the Display Information and enjoy your game without screen tearing or stuttering

4. How to enable G-Sync on FreeSync Monitor Using GTX 10, 16 & RTX 20 Series Graphics Cards’ latest driver control panel

Step One: Right Click on desktop space and click Nvidia Control Panel

Step Two: Under Display Section choose Set Up G-Sync

Step Three: On Set Up G-Sync Window put tick on Enable G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible Option, turn on Enable for Full Screen Mode and put tick on Enable Settings For The Selected Display Model, close the window

Step Four: Download and Run Nvidia G-Sync Pendulum Configuration Software to verify left side G-Sync ON function using FreeSync Monitor (Credit: Kephren Via YT)