How To Enable G-SYNC On Acer Nitro XV272U, VG270, VG270, VG240Y, XV273X, XZ320QX, VG271U, KG271, ED273, XF270HU, XZ321Q, CP3721K P, XB273K GP & EI272UR Monitor Models

Nvidia G-SYNC is finally available for high refresh rate Acer Nitro and other famous monitor models which were initially slated for AMD FreeSync adaptive sync technology. At least 120Hz Acer monitors with Display Port feature work 100% fine with Nvidia G-SYNC standard. Before that, you must follow few steps to make sure G-SYNC is properly On and ready to kick some competitive games to achieve smooth gaming experience without stuttering and screen tearing.

How To Enable G-SYNC On Acer FreeSync Monitors

First of all, use Display Port cable (Not HDMI) to create eligible G-SYNC connection between Nvidia GPU and your Acer gaming monitor. Then, at the right back of the monitor you may notice joystick buttons to navigate the basic monitor menu. Just click in the middle of joystick to access the main menu.

Navigate onto Gaming section to make sure FreeSync feature is On and quit the menu by clicking X button. Now you have witnessed that monitor supports the adaptive sync technology.

Enabling G-SYNC Tutorial On Acer Monitors

1. Right Click to desktop area to access the Display Settings.

2. On the bottom of the setting page enter to Advanced Display Settings.

3. As you can see here Windows 10 puts 144Hz as a default refresh rate. So some changes needed to be done to achieve the maximum refresh rate as stated by Acer XV272U monitor could reach up to 165Hz. Next, open Display Adapter Properties For Display 1.

4. Once new page pops up, go to Monitor and navigate to Screen Refresh Rate drop down menu by setting it at 165Hz. Click Apply and OK.

5. Then, right click into desktop area to access the Nvidia Control Panel.

6. First go to change resolution menu to make 165Hz is set for G-Sync utilization.

7. Set 165Hz as a default and 1080p native resoltion must be put in PC category.

8. Hooray, last part of tutorial, in Control Panel main Menu enter to Set Up G-SYNC.

9. In here, tick must be filled in Enable G-SYNC, G-SYNC Compatible box. Next box of Enable Settings For The Selected Display Model also necessary to put tick.

10. If you reached till this part of tutorial then, everything is going good with your settings. Necessarily, to verify G-SYNC feature’s 100% functionality you might wan to download and install “G-SYNC Pendulum Demo” from Nvidia’s official website.

11. Once Pendulum Clock Demo installed, you can launch and check the butter smooth refresh rate from the motion of golden clock.

That’s it folks, this tutorial was hard to make since Own Snap team waited much longer than expected for Acer Nitro gaming monitor to arrive. Anyway, thanks for reading and learning!

Note, G-Sync Enable Works Only For Following Models: Acer Nitro XV272U, VG270, VG270, VG240Y, XV273X, XZ320QX, VG271U, KG271, ED273, XF270HU, XZ321Q, CP3721K P, XB273K GP & EI272UR.