How To Enable G-Sync On AOC C27G2, CQ27G2, C27G1, C24G1, CQ32G1, 24G2, CQ32G2E, CU34G2X, AG273QCX & AG322FCX1 Gaming Monitors

G-Sync compatible monitors without actual Nvidia silicon chip inside are slowly gaining traction among the gamers who prefer fast paced shooting games with no tearing and stuttering experience for affordable price. Mostly, monitors with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time features are eligible to get G-Sync compatibility approval from Nvidia but some new monitors from AOC are still not approved yet at a time of writing. Thanks to existing AMD Freesync adaptive technology which have pushed Nvidia to follow similar way without adding exclusive premium chip that drives overall monitor cost through the roof. Therefore, these few easy steps on how to setup G-Sync properly might help gamers even on GTX 1050 Ti GPU. This time around AOC gaming monitors’ owners can follow this tutorial to enable G-Sync mode especially for gamers owning the specific C27G2, CQ27G2, C27G1, C24G1, CQ32G1, 24G2, CQ32G2E, CU34G2X, AG273QCX & AG322FCX1 models.

Step 1: Right click on any desktop empty area and enter Nvidia Control Panel.

Step 2: Click on “Set up G-SYNC” on the left Display Menu. “Enable G-SYNC COMPATIBLE” by ticking and select “Enable for Full Screen Mode”. Make sure to put tick on “Enable Settings For The Selected Display Model.”

Step 3: On the left Display Menu, select “Change resolution”. In there, “Resolution” must be “PC 1920×1080” (FHD) according to monitor’s maximum resolution size. For “Refresh Rate” choose the maximum Hz for your monitor, in this case, AOC C27G2 uses 165Hz so it’s supposed be 165Hz.


Step 4: Now go back to Desktop area and right click to enter “Display Settings”.

Step 5: Beneath the “Multiple Displays”, click on “Advanced Display Settings”.

Step 6: Click on “Display Adapter Properties for Display 1”

Step 7: Choose the option for your monitor’s maximum capacity refresh rate. Here for AOC C27G2 has to be 165Hz. Once refresh rate selected, click “Apply, Keep changes, then OK”.

Step 8: In order to verify that G-Sync is working 100% without glitches, you may download and install “G-SYNC Pendulum Demo” from Nvidia website.

Step 9: Now you are witnessing the true G-Sync compatible monitor through the “Pendulum Demo” software where you can see “G-SYNC” is enabled on top left corner.