HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer, MSI Silently Introduced Battery Protection Stop Charge Utility Driver Like Lenovo’s Vantage Conservation Mode

Constant charging your laptop battery will lead to quick expiration and bloating. Charge and discharge cycles for Lithium ion batteries are certainly limited by manufacturer. Productivity people and hardworking gamers are always facing this issue, how to stop charge my laptop battery while adaptor is plugged in?

Lenovo laptops already introduced “Conservation Mode” in which battery charge level will stop at 55-60% to preserve laptop battery’s longevity. Other laptop brands took this issue seriously in a late 2010s. Big thanks to tech folks at Flip Figures for dedicated laptop battery protection tutorials.

Battery Protection Stop Charge Utility

Enormous credit goes to Lenovo software team who were so much hardworking since 2005. To enable the Lenovo Conservation Mode you just have to turn on the Vantage service and switch on the Conservation Mode under Device Settings/Power section. Now, almost every laptop brand has it’s own battery protection utility to save your money on longer run. It simply means laptop battery’s lifespan will be significantly longer than before and users won’t have to replace their batteries within five years. Let’s hop in to amazing tutorials for battery preservation methods to save the earth from plastic waste pollution.

HP Power Manager Software

HP did fantastic job to introduce it’s proprietary battery stop charge software but it’s enabled only for Probook models manufactured from 2020 onwards. First, you have to enable “Power Control” in UEFI BIOS Settings in “Advanced Settings/tick Power Control/Battery Health Manager set to Let HP Manage My Battery Charging”. Furthermore, download the HP Power Manager from HP drivers website, then, in Peak Shift settings you have to set 80% charge limit when enabling “Switch to AC power when Battery reaches”.

Dell Power Manager System Management driver

With Dell everything simple. If you purchased Dell machine with Windows OS installed then you’re lucky enough to enable Dell Power Manager from the start menu. In a case if fresh Windows installed you need to download it from Dell software drivers official website. Once entered to Power Manager interface, please set the battery to Adaptive Mode or better one is Custom Start/Stop Charge at 50%/80%.

ASUS Battery Health Charging Utility

Freshly purchased ASUS laptops already possess MyASUS built-in app to control your daily computing machine. However, newly installed Windows will require to download MyASUS app from Microsoft Store. Inside MyASUS software you may easily detect battery health charging option in the first window or just open Customization option. Setting the Balanced Mode is the best for battery’s lifespan when it comes to gaming and productivity purposes.

Acer Care Center Battery Health Utility

Tricky and most silent Acer laptop manufacturer has introduced Battery Health utility in it’s Care Center for only starting from Ryzen 4000/5000 and Intel 11th Gen Core processor based notebooks. If you’ve purchased 10th Gen Intel processor based Acer laptop then you can’t turn on battery health option. To access the Battery Health section user must open Acer Care Center from start menu and click checkup option. Switch on the Battery Charge Limit at 80% by toggling into third page.

MSI Dragon or Creator Center Battery Master

MSI took the battery issues seriously after gamers complained about spoiled batteries caused by overcharging at above 100%. Battery Master Utility was introduced in 2018 so silently because it is very similar to ASUS and Lenovo battery protection software. Anyhow, MSI gamers are satisfied right now after enabling “Best For Battery or Balanced Mode” via Dragon Center’s Tools section.

Fascinating to see the laptop manufacturers are tackling the climate change issues very effectively. Kudos to Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, ASUS and MSI for creating a life-changing battery protection utilities to reduce their carbon footprint.