Huawei Reportedly Plans To Give $292000 Annual Salaries To Fresh Graduates With Doctorates in Technology

The recently ongoing technological battle between US and China strongly impacts Huawei in financial and marketing fields. The company takes aggressive measures to anticipate this situation by hiring top talented graduates with PhD as South China Morning Post reports.

The decision appears after the private Shenzhen head-quartered company Huawei cuts 600 jobs from Futurewei Technologies, their US research and development subsidiary.

By logically thinking, it is reasonable to fire ordinary R&D staff by replacing top gifted fresh graduates from around the world. As company founder and chief executive, Ren Zhengfei told that 20 to 30 recruits will join the subsidiary to develop ‘combat capabilities’.

The tech giant Huawei became popular for its smartphones to the worldwide large public although they were a top telecommunications company in China since 1987.

Richard McEntire

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