Humanigen Stock Gains Amid Entrance Into An Arrangement With Clinigen Group

Today, it was announced that Humanigen Incorporation has entered into an arrangement with Clinigen Group. The main goal of this arrangement is to fulfill a Managed Access Program for lenzilumab “LenzMAP”. With the help of the LenzMAP, the hospitalized patient with the Covid-19 will be able to access enzilumab on a case-by-case basis and if the doctor deems that there are no other alternatives and if it is allowed in that place. On the chart for the last month, we can see that the price of the stock was $15.11 before September 9. Then, it sharply fell to $6.16 on September 12 and still trading at that level with the small volatility.

LenzMAP will be available in 16 European countries. Currently, Lenzilumab is considered an investigational product and it is not yet authorized or approved in any country. COO and CFO of the company, Timothy E. Morris said that they are working with Clinigen in order to provide access to lenzilumab on a patient-by-patient basis in specific countries which are located in Europe.