Humbl (TSNPD) Regains Momentum On Massive Volume: Time To Buy?

The Humbl Inc (OTC: TSNPD) stock has been on a tear for many months now and the stock continued to record significant gains on Friday. On Friday, the stock soared by as high as 42% and it is likely to be in focus among investors today.

The rally on Friday came about after Tesoro made a key announcement. The company revealed on Friday that Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has granted it the much-needed approval and it will now be going ahead with the next stages of the reverse takeover.

The company had merged with HUMBL Inc back in December last year and that had proven to be one of the biggest triggers for the rally in the Tesoro stock. The approval from FINRA gave the company permission to change its name to HUMBL and its stock has also been permitted to trade under the ticker HMBL instead of TSNP. Once the process is completed, the stock is going to start trading as HMBL from March 26.

Richard McEntire

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