Illuvium Hits New ATH As Bitcoin Keeps Strong Position

Most recently, Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached a record high of all time of $64,000 and $4,500, respectively. Concurrently, on November 3, the graphs of some altcoins changed their movement to parabolic. There is such a sign that during bull markets, some cryptocurrencies together with Bitcoin make a profit.

Messari statistics show that Illuvium and 30 altcoins have set new highs in the last 24 hours, while the entire cryptocurrency market cap has risen from $2.619 trillion to $2.732 trillion. The graph for 24 hours shows us the slow but long-term growth of ILV. Today, the token grew by 4.6% to $1,230.09.

Illuvium is an RPG fantasy and war game with an open world that was built on Ethereum’s network. This game allows you to roam and hunt Illuvials in a wide and varied environment. It aims to become a TOP 1 game with an AAA rating with a combination of DeFi and NFTs.

TradingView lets us know that when ILV fell to its lowest mark of $452.9 on September 29, the price almost doubled to $1,231 on November 2. In addition, trading volume increased by 122% to $105M. ILV is gaining traction as a result of the publication of raw footage demonstrating the platform’s gameplay. This provided curious players with their first taste of the Illuvium environment.