ILUS Stock Gets a Trampoline To Jump Again

Yesterday ILUS shared great news which may finally push its stock to recover lost points of this January at least. At its last annual meeting of shareholders, ILUS informed about its future renewables subsidiary which was the main topic of discussion since then. The management has confirmed its final preparations to form a new company that will be ready to run under the name of Replay Solutions. ILUS is planning to launch the asset in Serbia and Dubai in the second quarter of 2022. The U.S will be the next in starting Replay Solutions’ operations in the fourth quarter of this year.

Currently, most of the diversified asset management companies are trying their best to get a tasty pie from the renewables market as it is going to be the future of energy providers while many governments are initiating this idea. One of the clear examples is the Biden administration which encourages U.S businesses and households to embrace green technology. This tech is comprehensive and goes even beyond zero-emission vehicles and recycled bottles. If ILUS gets into the renewable bandwagon as soon as possible the shareholders will most probably get multiplied by hundreds of profits next year. Yesterday we already got a signal from its slow 7.37% growth and the snowball effect has started.

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