Immuron Gets A Huge Amount Of Money For Travelan Research

Immuron is an Australian company that develops immune products such as Travelan, designed to combat diarrhea; Travelan (IMM-124E), which acts as an antiviral drug against SARS-CoV-2 and reduces the risk of contracting diarrhea; IMM-529, which is being developed against clostridium difficile infection. Today, against the backdrop of news, there is a huge interest of investors in this company. On the pre-market, IMRN, which was trading at $ 2.62 in the last minutes of yesterday’s trading, immediately surged 85% to $ 4.86, and surpassed a six-month high of $ 4.85.


Immuron said an agreement with the U.S Department of Defense will be funded. The main purpose of the research agreement is to determine the effectiveness of the drug against ETEC-induced diarrhea in one large daily dose (1200 mg Travelan). As it became known, this is necessary for the military, who are in difficult conditions and are not always able to take medicines in a small dose (200-400 mg) several times a day. The trial will enroll about 60 volunteers, half of whom will be treated with the drug, while the other half will be treated with a placebo. Although the previous two studies with small doses have proven the effectiveness of the drug from 84% to 90%. The funding amount was approximately $ 4.45 million.