Immutable X Is One Of The Most Bullish Tokens: A Buy Now?

The first project from Huobi Primelist called Immutable X (IMX) officially went up for trade on November 5, 2021. New popular cryptocurrency Immutable X (IMX) saw significant growth today, reaching a new volume of $6.00 by 30%. The token has achieved some volatility to this price, ranging between $5.49 and $5.66. This project is a Layer 2 scaling solution (L2) for non-interchangeable tokens (NFT) based on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows instant trading with minimal transaction fees. This product was the first to be presented on an improved version of the Huobi Primelist listing platform.

The Immutable X (IMX) project has become much more popular thanks to its debut on the site. This particular product is for listing since the NFT industry is gaining rapid momentum in the cryptocurrency world. Holders of the Huobi Token (HT) were able to purchase IMX at a reduced price. During the sale event, 6 million tokens were sold for $960 thousand. However, at the peak of its value, this figure was about $47.22 million. About 67 thousand users took part in the event; 2.4 thousand of them purchased IMX worth more than $10 thousand from its peak cost of $ 7.87.