Infineon Technologies (IFNNY) Soars 250% YTD: How to Trade Rest Of The Year?

The growing popularity of electric vehicles and the continued thrust towards renewable energy are two main factors why Infineon Technologies AG (OTC: IFNNY) is on the radars of many investors right now.

Experts believe that those factors could be the reasons for further upside for the Infineon stock, which has already soared by as high as 250% this year so far. In this regard, it is also necessary to note that when a company has exposure to certain trends that could bring about significant changes then it is generally a good thing.

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The German company is one of the biggest semiconductor and chip producers in the world and has exposure to four lines of businesses at this point. It works in security solutions, the auto industry, industrial solutions, and consumer electronics. These are all fast-growing industries and the fact that Infineon is exposed to all those, is a significant thing to keep in mind. It could be added to the watch list by investors.

Uson Abdilazhanov

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