Injective’s Daily Trading Volume Exceeds 3 Billion Dollars

The original Injective Bridge, a Cosmos-Ethereum interoperable bridge protocol, was released in January 2018. The Injective Bridge V2 is the latest version of the protocol, which adds features including a more robust security model and cross-chain payment processing capability. This bridge protocol can now support Ethereum’s entire ecosystem, including its native currency Ether (ETH), ERC20 tokens, and smart contracts. The implementation of this bridge is significant because it opens up an inter-blockchain protocol for interoperability. This is especially useful for any company that is interested in building a cross-chain ecosystem on Cosmos, which is the fundamental infrastructure layer of Web 3.0.

The exchange has seen an average of $3.6 billion in daily trading volume so far this month, compared to $1.8 billion on January 1st. Find out the best picked GPUs for mining. The community is looking forward to seeing what happens with our next release, which will include new governance features and a light wallet. This release will also include an updated staking mechanism to further improve decentralization. Injective is a new trading platform with no trading fees, that offers free automated market making. The platform’s team consists of ex-bankers and programmers.