Intel Core i5 9600k vs AMD Ryzen 9 3900x – Gameplay Comparisons Using RTX 2070 Super at 1440p Resolution

Gaming enthusiasts love to test mainstream hardware using high settings for getting maximum pleasure. Desktop processors became core components for modern-day gaming while console products still thrive in making gamers satisfied. Infamous YouTube channel Geeky Benchmarks has done an incredible test comparing two popular CPUs: core i5 9600k and Ryzen 9 3900x. Of course, without a decent GPU gameplay testing is impossible so this time RTX 2070 Super comes as graphics provider or supporter. The channel played the most well-known games that require not budget hardware for sure. 1440p is also the most used resolution in the PC building world. 4k and 8k are still struggling to take enormous attention from manufacturers and gamers as well. Let’s dive into gameplay tests below.

Testing 10 Games

In Apex Legends core i5 9600 slightly loses. Amazing result! Intel could make its processor faster with only 6 cores while its opponent has 12 cores.

Crazy and addictive PUBG lures anyone who knows basic PC skills. Here, R9 3900x wins scoring extra 18 avg FPS. But its advanced specs could give more scores.

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Criminal GTA’s unique features allow users to do anything. Extra 15 scores of Ryzen processor made Intel’s mid-range CPU lose. But R9 3900x should make more FPS.

Fantasy and Horror mixed open-world game – The Witcher 3 puts R9 3900x higher, you know, more cores, more threads win here but 6 core, 6 threaded cheaper i5 9600k loses 24 avg FPS only.

Another fantastic Devil May Cry 5 favors AMD but gives more than 100 avg FPS to Intel CPU.

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Strategic Total War: Three Kingdoms gave less than 100 avg FPS to both processors. Mid-range core i5 9600k 18 avg FPS to the opponent by proving it can beat R5 lineups.

Open world Far Cry: New Dawn favors AMD here. Intel could only reach 81 avg FPS.

The action involved Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey loves AMD too. i5 9600 still shows confidently steady results.

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War depicting Battlefield 5 could give more than 100 avg FPS to both duel participants.

One of the most played games – Fortnite: Battle Royale likes R9 3900x. Cartoon based graphics might serve as catalyst for high avg FPS.

Intel Core i5 9600k lost to R9 3900k that used to be high-end CPU before R9 3950x’s rumors spread across the web. Being fanboy of AMD makes one blind in front of Intel’s fastest processors.

Source: Geeky Benchmarks via Youtube

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