Intel Core i9-12900K Monero, Verus, Raptoreum Hashrate Benchmark, Uses Latest CPU Mining Software

Mighty Intel Core i9-12900K has been put on most realistic scenario which is CPU crypto mining Monero, Raptoreum and Verus coins. Intel CPUs were always behind AMD’s Ryzen lineup in CPU mining due to fewer core count and smaller L3 cache sizes. This time around Intel wants to proves their new 10nm process node is worthy to convince CPU miners.

Monero CPU mining is the hardest test for Intel CPUs while it demands more L3 cache and available cores. Here, Intel Core i9-12900K gets only 9135 H/s hashrate that is half the performance of Ryzen 9 5950X mining king. In real word, it translates into pure $0.47 per day profit and power cost is $0.20 for eating 212W from the wall.

Next up is the most popular Raptoreum coin, more L3 cache demanding and profitable one. Unfortunately, Intel CPUs always show poor performance in Raptoreum mining with GhostRider algorithm compared to superior Ryzen 9 counterparts. So, i9-12900K reaches up to 2291 H/s in Raptoreum coin which gives $1.06 a day after $0.055 power cost.

Final one is Verus coin with Verushash algorithm that is surprising on profitable margins for i9-12900K after power cost deduction. Amazingly, 35.75 MH/s can be juiced out of i9-12900K by getting a pure $1.01 profits per day.

In conclusion, i9-12900K is not meant for CPU mining activities due to small L3 cache capacity and efficiency cores are pretty much useless for raw mining performance demanding algorithms.

Source: Son Of A Tech via YT