Intel Ice Lake 10nm i7-1065G7 with Iris Pro 10th Gen Graphics Benchmarked

So good to see Intel firing back at AMD with their own 10nm strong processors in late 2019. This time around, Intel Ice Lake 10nm Core i7-1065G7  with Iris Pro 10th Gen mobile graphics spotted on 3DMark Sky Diver 1.0 benchmark. Initially, famous twitter user TUM_APISAK has shared it recently. Interestingly, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is used for doing this benchmark.

Core i7-1065G7 with Iris Pro Integrated GPU got pretty high Graphics score of 6565 with the AMD Ryzen 7 3770U level of performance determined. Chip’s TDP is 15W design made for ultra-thin laptops. Physics score shows a whopping 9594 points, thanks to the single-threaded dominance of Intel’s Core architecture. Combined score reached 7284 points. Well, AMD Mobile APU series like Ryzen 5 3550U and Ryzen 7 3750U are getting a serious competitor from Intel but with a hefty price tag. Iris Pro 10th Gen integrated Graphics possess 1500 MHz core clock inside Surface Pro 7 which is slightly higher than Vega 10 core speed of 1300 MHz. Casual gamers would enjoy this laptop with stronger graphics that almost equal to the top of the line AMD Mobile APU Vega 9 and 11 graphics that able to play most esports game titles without any hiccups.

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Intel is for sure in survival mode after Ryzen 3000 series bombshell. However, Mobile Laptop processors’ market might be still dominated by Intel due to 10nm efficient Ice Lake chip models since quad-core processor configuration seems enough for average laptop users.

Source: 3DMark via Twitter

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