Intel Stock Gains $2 Just In One Week: Worth Your Attention?

Today on the agenda, Intel’s stock is trading at $56, moving +1.14% from the last day. The weekly chart also follows a positive patch of 3.32%, jumping from $54.01 to $56.00. 

The annual report shows that the company made only a 3.90% increase, it reached the highest point on April 9 with a price of $68.26. Investors are in no hurry to invest in Intel because of the company’s CEO’s latest statement about aggressive spending plans at the last session.

The company shows negative dynamics due to a loss in the gross margins. Experts predict that Intel will suffer the dip within the next 3-4 years, amid the company trying to hold a leadership position in the semiconductors. The CEO of the company justifies himself by saying that the gross product is falling because of new generations of chips.