Intel Reveals Brand New “Tremont” x86 CPU Microarchitecture To Dominate Laptop & Tablet Market Over Upcoming AMD APUs

One of the best thing Intel introduced this year is Tremont Microarchitecture for Laptop and Tablet mobility x86 CPU market. Notable highlights of this breakthrough CPU design are significant battery saving and performance uplift over it’s predecessors. Tremont is based on 3D packaging technology Foveros and will power up latest Microsoft Surface Neo device within the Lakefield processors.

Detailed explanation was given by Intel at Linley Fall Processor Conference in Santa Clara, California on 24th October. Specifically, this microarchitecture is focused on powering thin and lightweight machines in order to compete against AMD’s current Ryzen Picasso and upcoming Renoir APUs. Furthermore, Tremont designed chip may deliver tremendous IPC (Instruction Per Cycle) gains over previous generation of low-powered CPUs while not compromising to consume much of device’s battery life. Unique details of Tremont chip also specifically described as 6-wide (2×3 wide clustered) out-of-order decoder in front end which permits more efficient feed to the wider back end of the chip in order to boost performance. X86 microarchitecure’s future is brighter with healthy competition between ARM, Intel and AMD based chips for laptops and tablets.

(Credit: Intel Corporation)