Intel Tiger Lake Gen12 / DG1 Laptop Graphics Latest Specs Leaked Online

Intel is preparing next 10nm process technology supported laptop processors with graphics to compete against AMD’s Renoir APUs like Ryzen 7 4800H and 4700U. Indeed, Intel Gen12 or DG1 mobile graphics is in the spotlight of many enthusiasts on twitter. Latest DG1 laptop graphics’ enormous specs leaked online among Geekbench database and EEC website. Here, the Geekbench dropped the biggest bombshell for enthusiasts who are interested to compare and contrast laptop hardware specs.

As above screenshot taken from Geekbench website says loads of things to clean up the confusion about DG1 graphics found by Tum_Apisak twitter user. Most important on these specs are the Video Memory and boost frequency. The Video Memory or VRAM is 2.88 GB size as confirmed previously by Komachi_Ensaka. Maximum boost frequency can be reached up to 1.5 GHz depending on cooling solution perhaps.

Initial leaks on Gen12 or DG1 laptop graphics are found on techpowerup database with solid 96 EU (Execution Units). Base idling clock speed might be stable at 1000 Mhz. All in all, good news was 3 GB VRAM specs that made everyone happy, at last Intel is pushing it’s own laptop graphics for entry level gaming for good. Tired to play CS:GO on Iris Plus and UHD630 iGPUs? Then, wait little more for Gen12 graphics release to relief from low FPS pain.