Intel’s New Plans For Upcoming Gen 12 Graphics Cards, ISA Design To Get More Power

Intel has some interesting stuff going on with their open-source Linux team. Specifically, one of their members who’s dedicated to the Linux graphics department – Francisco Jere’s about gen 12 graphics which is project Z. The one that we’re expecting in 2020, he is stating that Gen 12 is planned to include one of the most in-depth reworks of the Intel EU ISA since the original i-965 that is some pretty old architecture that they’re talking about as far as completely reworking it.

Technically, it is the fourth generation of their integrated graphics which goes all the way back to the days before Nehalem was. The last time they were saying that this is going to be a major rework so gen 12 is the largest rework to come in over a decade to intel’s design architecture of their instruction set, sort of almost like how AMD announced RDNA versus their previous GCN architecture.

intel gpu gen 12

It’s not a complete rework of the ISA – actually just a little bit but until completely the company are reworking the ISA saying that the encoding of almost at every instruction field, hardware opcode, and register type need to be updated in this merge request but probably the most invasive change is the removal of the register scoreboard logic from the hardware which means that the EU will no longer guarantee data coherency between register reads and writes.

It’s a whole bunch of technical details but gen 12 graphics becoming something that’s actually quite uncommon for Intel. They’re putting a lot of effort into this, obviously, Raja Koduri coming over from AMD means that they have his expertise and they’ve made tons of acquisitions of aimed ease graphics department to make this happen which depending on your perspective is either a good or bad thing.

But the key thing is Intel is actually heavily investing in this and we’re getting more details as time goes on it looks like actually, Linux drivers are the best way to find out what is actually happening that’s how we know about Navi’s workstation GPUs as we talked about in a piece of previous news as well as a few other things that have come in the pipeline Linux. That’s where you’re gonna discover the new graphics cards. These are Intel’s plans for their upcoming generation of graphics cards.

Source: Tech Power Up