International Consolidated Airlines Shares Fall To 4%: What Should You Know?

During its last trading session, shares of International Consolidated Airlines Group closed at 145.32 GBP, 4.07% below the starting point. The company’s stock indicators have been falling for six months. In March of this year, the share price was 215.60 GBP. The following month, the shares fell by 193.84 GBP. By the end of July, the price fell by 146.60 GBP. Currently, the shares of travel companies and airlines are among the leaders in the fall. The reason for such a sharp drop was the adoption by the EU of measures to tighten non-essential travel to and from the United States.

International Consolidated Airlines Shares Fall To 4%: What Should You Know? A serious source of infection is currently located in the south. Stocks fell because investors were worried that infections could lead to an increase in the number of trips at the end of the summer. International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG. L), the carrier that operates British Airways, was down 2.9% by 9.15 am in London. Jet engine maker Rolls Royce (RR.L) also fell 1.8% after the news. Budget airline Ryanair (RYA.L) also fell by about 2.6%, and easyJet (EZJ.L) fell by 2.5%. WizzAir (WIZZ.L) was about 3.6% lower by the same time. Travel company Tui (TUI.L) lost 1%.

Lora Nilsson

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