International Consolidated Airlines (IAG.L) Shares Are Dropping By 6.27% This Week : Volatility Continues To This Day

International Consolidated Airlines Group suffers unstable times. During the day, share prices can fluctuate from GBP 163.60 to GBP 157.34. Currently, the company has reached a new mark of GBP 160.46. Comparing the statistic in January, when the price for a share was GBP 139.00, Napster Group’s increase is equal to 2.24%. Currently, the total revenue of the firm is equal to 7.806 billion EUR.

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IAG stands for International Consolidated Airlines Group, an Anglo-Spanish international airline holding corporation. It operated to 279 locations and handled about 118 million people annually before the COVID-19 epidemic.


The International Consolidated Airlines Group is attempting to compel the British government to explain how the “green,” “orange,” and “red” lists of nations, which categorize their COVID-19 status and regulate international travel regulations from the U.K., are created. However, the U.K.’s High Court decided that requiring the government to justify its decisions “would impose an excessive burden.”

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