International Consolidated (INCC) Soars By Over 300% Amid Acquisition Of SoundTech AI: Worth Investing In This Penny Stock?

International Consolidated Companies stock cost $0.0011 yesterday. The next day on July 15 the stock has surged to the price of $0.0028. Just in an hour, the stock has skyrocketed by 308%. The market capitalization of INCC is worth only around $629K. It may be caused by the company acquiring the SoundTech AI announcement.
Смотреть исходное изображениеThe company aims to close the deal by the end of the month of July 2021. As of the last session the stock traded at $0.0049. Such a successful penny stock is worth looking at. The acquisition of SoundTech will cost $150 million for the International Consolidated Companies.

The SoundTech company has invented an impressive audio experience with the Next Generation 360 technology. This invention has made International Consolidated Companies get in full hand with an interest of buying the company. This new feature is powered by the company’s own software and is believed to provide a better listening experience for listeners. INCC is a leading multi-national firm focused on acquiring and growing companies that offer innovative technologies and solutions.

Richard McEntire

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