Invesco Stock Surges Well After Quarterly Earnings

One of the world’s largest investment companies in the United States, Invesco, is in focus today after announcing its financial results for the fourth quarter that had ended on December 31, 2021. Before that, let’s look at the stock market: in the pre-market trading, the price is performing well by 2% to $21.79. During the week, its price gradually declined from $24.37 to $20.55, and now, as you can notice, it is slowly recovering. Now let’s look at its earnings recap.


During the quarter, Invesco achieved significant growth in 2021; the company’s earnings came out at 426.8 million dollars or $0.92 per share. Its revenue represents more than 8.0% to 1.76 billion dollars from 1.63 billion dollars the previous year. It is also worth noting, that the net long-term inflow totaled 12.5 billion dollars by 5.4%, and for the whole year, it equaled 1620.9 billion dollars by 19% higher. In conclusion, operating expenses were reduced by 32 million dollars, the reduction is due to transactions, restructuring, employee compensation costs, etc.