Iqstel (IQST) Rockets 550% YTD as Business Turns Around

If you are looking into stocks that have made considerable gains so far this year, then it might be a good move to start tracking the Iqstel Inc (OTC: IQST) stock.

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The company, which is involved in blockchain, telecom, fintech, and technology, has seen its stock soar by as high as 500% so far this year. On Wednesday, the rally in the stock continued as it managed to deliver gains of as big as 58%. Yesterday, the rally came about after the company announced that it has managed to eliminate all debts with regards to promissory notes from its books.

It is a major development and the reaction from the investors is understandable. Other than the standard payables that all companies have on their books due to operational reasons, iQSTEL is now totally free of any debt. The clear out of all debt is a major milestone for the company and one that could help it considerably as it tries to list its stock to a large stock exchange.

Emile Ortega

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