Is AITX Still A Buy Stock Amid ROSA 3.0 Recognized As ‘The Best’?

In May AITX fell drastically to $0.0103 following the majority of stocks that were in a full blood bath. However, just in a couple of days, it got recovered due to getting more consumer interest in its diverse security technologies. Surprisingly, stock traders are not really aware of what Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions has achieved so far and is capable of offering more advanced products.

A week ago the company’s subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices announced its security product ROSA 3.0 has been named a Product of the Year by Security Today magazine. Unfortunately, AITX didn’t jump, unlike other tech stocks. Currently, stock traders perhaps are not seriously concerned with cyber security companies since we have witnessed the continuous flow of funds from stock exchanges to the crypto market.

There is no doubt about AITX’s success since it has a solid foundation for creating innovative technology.

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