Is Altimeter Growth Stock Setting Up To Hit a New Highs This Month?

Yesterday the price gained from $10.08 to $10.74, resulting in a 6% growth, but on the same day, it sharply fell, and now it is at $10.56. Before that, the price has moved stagnantly with an average of $10.10. In addition, Altimeter Growth is a special purpose acquisition company (SPEC) that will eventually merge with a company called Grab to make that company public.

In accordance, Grab declared the Tech For Good Institute (TFGI) a week ago, dedicated to advancing research and discussion on Southeast Asia’s fast-rising digital economy. Precisely, TFGI aims to become a platform for intellectual leadership in the region for public and private sectors to study together to improve understanding and policy development. The main goal of TFGI is to help use the positive impact of technology in society and solve key problems. The Institute features a bench of independent advisors, including Asian Development Bank’s Dr. Bambang Susanto.