Is Aston Minerals (WMNNF) (ASO) Still Capable To Generate Revenue?

Many skeptics say making lithium batteries is a “dirty job” since its production pollutes the environment more than CO2-emitting vehicles combined. In the case of mining its chemical components, businesses may dry up natural reserves of cobalt, nickel, graphite, manganese, and lithium itself.

In May 2022 Aston Minerals (ASX: ASO) (OTC: WMNNF) informed the Small Caps channel that the company generates nickel-cobalt concentrate which can be commercially offered. Its mining site is located in Timmins, Ontario where both gold and nickel mines were discovered.

Besides Edleston project in Canada, the company has mining agreements and licenses in Slovakia, Finland, and Sweden.

Currently, coal price is erupting like a volcano since Europe entered an energy crisis after Russia stopped exporting oil and gas. Another goldmine is just popped up for Aston Minerals to increase sales in the upcoming winter.

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