Is BioElectronics (BIEL) a Legit Stock?

Medical devices developing and manufacturing small-cap company, BioElectronics (OTC: BIEL) has been struggling to get out of cash burning status while the pain relief technology is not really demanded by the developed markets. Patients just take painkilling pills to save money on breakthrough pain relief devices. However, Mexico might become a top leading revenue source.

BIEL stock to add more zeros

A very shocking moment pops to the stockholders who wholeheartedly believed in BIEL shares trading cosmically high in case of successful pain relief devices marketing. Maybe the company offers its technology too early when the market is not mature enough to accept and replace pills for devices. New stock buyers are not coming due to the extremely cheap price of the stock. After releasing positive financial results for Q4 2021 Bioelectronics may implement reverse stock splitting. Overall the stock is not a scam and is better than being legit.

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