Is Borqs (BRQS) “Buy and Forget” Stock Before Holu Hou Becomes EV Charger and Smart Home Products Leader?

Few of us knew that Borqs (BRQS) has a subsidiary focusing on electric vehicle charging and smart home devices, Holu Hou Energy. Such a penny stock is trending yet at the price of $0.2348 on a huge volume of 50 million shares. BRQS has been suffering losses since February 2018 when it was priced at $9.50.

Borqs is a worldwide 5G wireless device, IoT solutions, innovative clean energy operating mostly in the U.S, China, and India. Its recently bought subsidiary Holu Hou Energy seems resourceful enough to build a business in developing and manufacturing smart home devices and EV charging equipment. This we can say is a breakthrough for the small-cap Borqs in initiating such a visionary business.

Looking at these ambitious plans investing in Borqs becomes feasible as it is mostly expected to expand further while serving telecom markets with its 5G solutions.

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