Is Canopy Growth A Good Buy After The Dismissal Of Two Executives?

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) is a company in Canada that uses cannabis for medical purposes. Its previous name was Tweed Marijuana Inc. until September 2015, when it changed to its current name. So far, this year brings only losses for the Canadian firm selling cannabis and marijuana products in North America. There was a single noticeable increase only at the beginning of the year, but after that, the shares only fell on the graph. And today, CGC stock is growing by only 0.2% to $10.38. Canopy Growth (CGC) announced two senior layoffs at the end of December after decreasing its profitability projections. Is there any reason to purchase CGC stock right now?

On December 31, CFO Mike Lee and CPO Rade Kovacevic will no longer work at Canopy and Judy Hong and Tara Rozalowsky will temporarily work in their place, respectively. Analysts believe the changes suggest that the company is in chaos due to the need for personnel changes, which is improbable given Constellation Brands’ control of the board of directors.In addition, Bill Newlands resigned from the board of directors and resigned on November 24. Garth Hankinson, the CFO of Constellation, was put in his place.