Is Chainlink (LINK) Token A Better Buy Or Hold Or Sell?  

Today the price has dropped 5.3%. Until 7 pm Asian time, it tended downward. By this time, it had dropped from $ 26.15 to $ 23.7. However, in the chart we see that the price is recovering, after falling, it rose by 4.4% to $ 24.76. LINK is Chainlink’s own token, which is used to reward efforts on the platform. It has a large daily trading volume on the biggest exchanges. According to experts, the acquisition of LINK between $ 17.4 – $ 17.8 in 2021 will bring 100 – 300% profit during the next bull run.

Analyst Says Chainlink (LINK) is Very Undervalued – Will LINK Bounce Back? - Securities.ioChainlink (LINK) is a giant blockchain whose purpose is to link smart contracts on various blockchains in the real world. Swift, Google, Theta, Aave, Synthetix, and Huobi partner with Chainlink, this will increase the chances of the project for success in the blockchain space. Furthermore, Chainlink will be relevant for a long time to come, so it is worth holding the LINK coin. The fact is that this company plays an important role in the blockchain ecosystem.