Is Cryptogodz Leaving The Market?

Cryptogodz is a BEP-20 coin, which after a long stagnation soared 125% to $0.09 in the late afternoon. It’s a total supply of 74,000,000 tokens, one of which costs $0.08. Cryptogodz is a well-known project with P2P games. As it was known, players have 3D characters, whose skills are honed with each battle. Since the project uses Oracle, the game rewards and mining are balanced, so that reinvestment won’t be a problem. Now the official site of the project is not available, as the developers are planning a rebranding of Cryptogodz.

Another reason why the site is unavailable is the migration of the website domain. There will be a number of changes in the game, one of which is the appearance of the Fusion function, thanks to which the existing Sentz will be combined into a single New Sentz. A new reward table and token are also being developed and are set to be released during this month. Now the development team is acquiring other games after studying them to improve Cryptogodz. Representatives apologized for the absence and said that they would develop this project and wouldn’t leave it.