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Is CureVac Next Moderna?

German-based biotech company CureVac goes public while improving mRNA, Moderna’s vaccine against COVID-19. As everyone knows in Germany there are many biopharmaceutical firms that provide significant supply to the world. This time CureVac is partnering with Moderna to develop the effective vaccine as soon as possible, finally, in December, the global community might meet the savior.

Many biotech stocks are soaring by announcing success in various fields of treating diseases. Mostly, investors pay high attention to COVID-19 vaccine developing companies. Since mid-February NASDAQ: MRNA has risen from $18.23 to $69.04. Humble stock triples due to the pandemic and awards from federal governments.

NASDAQ: CVAC may repeat MRNA’s fate until the time when the pandemic ends. As experts say the pandemic has not shown its second wave yet and there is no certain date of the COVID-19’s death on earth.