Is Denison Mines (DNN) Stock a Better Near $1 Mark?

The new ‘meme stocks’ phenomenon has emerged as one of the bizarre trends in the stock market in recent months and at this point, the Denison Mines Corp (NYSE: DNN) stock is one of those.

In recent times, many companies with questionable business prospects have seen their stocks soar but in the case of Denison Mines that is not the case. Unlike many of the ‘meme stocks’, which have recorded gains due to social media traction, Denison Mines could actually prove to be a risky but highly rewarding opportunity.

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The company is involved in the uranium mining space and although there are a lot of misgivings about uranium, it should be noted that it is the essential item needed for the generation of nuclear power. There are plenty of nuclear power advocates since it is renewable, cheap, and does not cause any carbon emissions. Hence, Denison Mines could be considered such a play for investors who might be interested in long-term investments.

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