Is Frontrow A Solution To Some Problems On NFT Exchanges?

FRR is a Frontrow utility token with a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens that have been listed on CMC for over a month and is valued at $0.17 with a trading volume of $4,660,594. Its worth plummeted 55% in 24 hours. The highest price for this period was $0.48. Since many people are facing problems on NFT exchanges, that most digital art objects have no clear purpose, and they are very difficult to acquire and sell, Frontrow was created. This project is valued at $47,447,688 and is ranked #2951. It describes itself as the first marketplace for NFT digital assets that benefit and are easy to use.


Digital assets can be videos from famous people, branded assets, emoji, etc. Its token is distributed as follows: 22.5% is dedicated to the loan and reward pool, 27.5% for sales, 20% for the fund reserve, and the rest for the ecosystem, team, partners, and marketing. Frontrow is available for purchase on, MEXC, LBank, and BitMart. More information can be found on its website.