Is Genius Brands (GNUS) Stock a Good Value Buying Below $2?

Children’s media firm Genius Brands (NASDAQ:GNUS) has managed to gather a lot of traction in recent times and that is possibly due to the long-term upside that is seen by some investors. The stock is currently a penny stock and this morning it is trading at $1.80 a share.Is Genius Brands (GNUS) Stock a Good Value Buying Below $2?

Hence, with sustained growth, the long-term upside could be considerable. Genius Brands is currently best known for its video streaming platform Kartoon Channel and in addition to that, it owns licenses for a range of characters including those created by Stan Lee, Sonic the Hedgehog, and others.

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The company launched Kartoon Channel in June last year and it has managed to gain considerable traction. Last month, it released the series Superhero Kindergarten and it managed to generate million of views over the course of the first weekend alone. The company ended the first quarter with no long term debts and reported that it had a cash pile of $143 million. This could be a stock worth watching for long term investors.

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