Is Healthier Choices Management Corp (HCMC) All Set To New Highs This Month?

At a time when investors increasingly look for information online, it is imperative for most listed companies to have a social media presence.

Is Healthier Choices Management Corp (HCMC) All Set To New Highs This Month?

Hence, the announcement from Healthier Choices Management Corp (OTC: HCMC) about the launch of its official Twitter account on Monday was a significant step. The move from the company also led to the Healthier Choices stock gaining significant momentum and it might be a good idea for investors to perhaps start tracking the stock a bit more closely.

The company’s official Twitter account is @HealthierCMC and Healthier Choices is expected to provide regular updates about the company to its followers. It is particularly important to note that last week the company had to deny that it had a Twitter account since an account had started tweeting information about Healthier Choices. Hence, this particular move from the company is going to ensure that fake accounts can no longer tweet market-sensitive false information in the future.

Michael Rowels

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