Is Infobird (IFBD) Stock Still a Buy After The Blockbuster Debut?

In recent times, there have been some small initial public offerings and most of them have done well. The latest such initial public offering took place yesterday when Infobird Inc was listed.

Is Infobird (IFBD) Stock Still a Buy After The Blockbuster Debut?

The Infobird c (NASDAQ: IFBD) stock ended the first day of trading with gains of as big as 51%. The company offered its shares at a fixed rate of $4 each and raised $25 million. The company is based out of China and involved in the customer engagement software space.

The Infobird is one of the many companies listed in the United States that raised $25 million or lower in their IPOs. The other stocks to have debuted with similarly sized offerings were Esports Technologies Inc based out of Las Vegas and Utime Ltd, a Chinese company. The smaller sizes of IPOs have performed better than some other IPOs which have been far larger in size. Investors could do well to keep an eye on the Infobird stock this week.

Emile Ortega

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