Is LogicBio (LOGC) Heading To $3 Mark Amid Acqusition Deal?

How happy LogicBio (Nasdaq: LOGC) shareholders are now seeing a 642% skyrocketing change to over $2.02 value. Due to acquisition plans, this cosmical high jump took place in the premarket. What about post-acquisition stock?

LogicBio is to be bought for $2.07 per share by AstraZeneca to develop the area of genomic medicine. however, LOGC may slide below $2 as it happens to most of the newly bought shares.

For six months the stock has been plummeting from $0.74 to $0.27 although two big bumps happened in May and August after FDA lifted the clinical hold on its pediatric trial and analysts boosted their estimates on the company’s financial reports for quarters of 2022.

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