Is Modern Inc (MRNA) Stock Getting Ready To Hit $200 in May?

Coronavirus vaccine manufacturer Modern Inc (NASDAQ:MRNA) has seen its stock bounce back strongly in recent days. In this situation, investors might be thinking about whether it might be worthwhile to get into the stock after it made such a recovery.

Is Modern Inc (MRNA) Stock Getting Ready To Hit $200 in May?

The Modern stock has had such recoveries in the past as well but this time investors need to consider some possible catalysts in the near term. The company’s booster program is something many investors are likely to have an eye on. The company is bringing as many as three booster candidates into clinical trials.

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On the other hand, the revenue that is going to be generated by the company owing to its supply agreements is a vital factor as well. Modern has signed supply agreements for 800 million doses. While the company has not revealed how much those global contracts are worth, investors might use the United States prices as a guide. At $15 for each dose, it could translate into revenues of $6 billion for the company.

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