Is Ozop Energy Solutions (OZSC) Ready to Hit $1 Mark in 2021?

Over the course of the past week or so, Ozop Energy Solutions Inc (OTC: OZSC) stock has been in considerable focus among investors and the trend continued on Wednesday. Yesterday, the stock rallied by as high as 12% after the company made a major announcement with regards to an agreement.

Ozop announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Ozop Energy Systems successfully signed an agreement with Bical Auto Mall. It is a significant development considering the fact that Bical Auto Mall operates the biggest dealership in the New York metropolitan area for reselling and purchasing electric vehicle chargers.

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According to the press release from Ozop, a total of four electric vehicle chargers have been ordered by Bical for two locations. The company further added that as per the vendor agreement Bical will be able to resell the same to LMA. It boasts around 300 dealerships in New York and remains to be seen if the Ozop stock can continue to add to its gains today.


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