Is Polker A Good Pick For November?

Polker is more than a poker game. This platform is designed to make the online gaming platform offer more than just poker. Polker is preparing to deploy its metaverse ahead of the much-anticipated debut of its play-to-earn game. Further, Polker’s metaverse will be an engaging and unique virtual experience with limitless opportunities for users to discover new features. Since Facebook declared that it would be renamed to Meta and that the Facebook platform would expand into its metaverse, the phrase “Metaverse” has become popular. The token price of many companies has skyrocketed. Currently, the token of Polker illustrates an impressive move; the previous closing price of $0.403266 to $0.492014 resulted in a 22% growth.

Moreover, Polker metaverse will also incorporate the most up-to-date AI deep learning algorithms for in-game characters, allowing them to produce animation or interactions based on players’ actions, giving them an actual virtual reality experience. The VR experience is planned to be incorporated by Q2 2022, according to Polker. Despite that, the Polker has about a $28,107,023 market cap on a $6,851,330 trading volume.  According to CoinGecko, the coin has a circulating supply of 58 Million PKR coins and a total supply of 1 Billion.