Is Qtum Considered Still Undervalued?

Qtum (QTUM) jumped 44.8% this week. Today, the price for QTUM was $13.21. The Qtum cryptocurrency combines the technological properties of Ethereum and Bitcoin. As a result, a fundamentally new option turned out.

The Qtum development team has been revolving in the field of digital coin business for a very long time, and this fact, as well as the successful combination of the two oldest cryptocurrency technologies, has led to the fact that Qtum is now the most popular variety of Singapore tokens.

Now the cost of one token is quite high, but according to experts, the currency is already undervalued, since it has simply the huge potential for development and not all the plans of developers have been implemented yet. At the moment, several decentralized applications for the Qtum platform have already been implemented and the developers are not going to stop there. And a highly qualified team, many of whose members have already been noted in the successful development of other cryptocurrencies, only strengthens the confidence of potential investors in the coin.