Is Quotient (QTNT) Hiding “Bad” Financial Updates Before Announcing Full Reports On Friday?

On Tuesday Quotient (NASDAQ: QTNT) informed FY 2022 revenue was $38.5 million, for Q1 2023 it secured $1.4 million of orders, and cash and investments reached $83.2 million as of March 31, 2022. Only this good news has pumped the stock to $0.4860 on seven million shares.

On Friday the whole picture can be seen from the full reports. If traders find out about missed earnings, increased debts, shrunk assets, declined equity, or any other awful update QTNT will enter the red zone for a while.

So it is not financially wise to buy QTNT shares now. As experienced traders, we have to wait until Friday reports.

Last month Quotient has proudly led a webinar on its Mosaic Solution, a technology designed to provide multimodal, multiplexed testing on a fully automated platform, delivering clinical and economic value to customers while transforming patient care. Hopefully, this product could increase the revenue but the market may adopt it slowly by forcing the company to bear huge operating losses thus running out of cash might incur soon.

Aggressive marketing and public relations are the preferred strategies now to boost the number of orders shortly. Let’s see how Quotient wins the market in the upcoming months. Obviously, there is no strong competition in the diagnostics field.