Is Selfkey A Safe Investment?

SelfKey is an ecosystem designed to preserve the digital identity and privacy of the user, managed on Ethereum. During the day, the price is pretty unstable, for instance, it dipped from its peak of $0.007235 to $0.006671 by reducing about 7%. Since its launch, the platform’s market cap represents 34 million dollars ranking 630, according to Coinmarketcap. is the most active exchange right now if you want to purchase or sell SelfKey.

The platform has a feature to provide organizations and individuals with full ownership of their own digital identity, which provides an opportunity to discover additional privacy. SelfKey has its own data storage, whereas similar systems use third-party services. This implies that your information cannot be leaked and utilized by third parties, as could happen in the event of a data breach in another firm or system. In conclusion, the company consists of like-minded people who pursue the same goal – to make digital privacy the highest priority. It has a circulating supply of 5 069 969 446 KEY tokens, and the total supply is not available yet.