Is SINTX Technologies (SINT) Ready To Move Higher in 2021?

SINTX Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: SINT), which manufactures silicon nitride ceramic for medical and non-medical products, has created significant excitement among investors due to its impending merger with Pixium Vision.

The merger in question is going to create a new subsidiary and will be focussed on cortical simulation. The SINTX stock has fared well so far in January and rallied by as high as 25% so far as traders continue to be excited about it.

SINTX is a well-known name in the silicon nitride manufacturing space and over the years, it has also established a track record of as many as 35000 spinal implantations. Earlier this month, the company revealed its main areas of focus for 2021.

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SINTX is going to be focussed on industrial applications, antipathogenic applications, and biomedical opportunities for its silicon nitride in 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the rise in the importance of antipathogenic products and it remains to be seen if SINTX can cash in.

Uson Abdilazhanov

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